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Isn’t it amazing to be a part of a church that is so deeply connected with missions? The work we do around the world and locally is truly amazing.

You may have even heard us talk about missional habits on our church’s social media, in a Sunday School class, or in the Winter Challenge booklet. If you’re not familiar with the missional habits, they’re a set of five practices oriented at helping you live a missional life wherever you are. For some of you, this may mean simply adding a layer of intentionality to the ways you already live and interact with others.

Maybe you heard about the Missional Habits class last fall but couldn’t participate because you were already serving on Sunday morning, were already part of a Bible study, or work on Sundays.  Maybe you were part of a missional habits course or learning experience and want a refresher and some more accountability. Maybe you work on Sundays and can’t be a part of a Bible study. Maybe you’ve been watching worship with us, but don’t live in Arlington, and can’t routinely participate in group discipleship. Whatever your circumstances, we’re excited to invite you to this group!

Beginning April 17th, we’re going to do an online, self-paced Missional Habits class within a Facebook group attached to our church’s Facebook page. This is admittedly something new for us, but our hope is that we can equip you with real tools for missional living in your everyday life. Hopefully you can participate and learn in a way that adapts flexibly to your schedule.

The group is open now for people to join! We will begin posting the content and prompts for the class on April 17th, and will accept new group members until April 26th.

Each week, there will be a few posts and videos with prompts for conversation and practice. We’ll encourage you to comment and engage with one another, share ideas, offer support, and provide accountability for one another in the comments. It might seem silly to comment on a chat, but this is a great low-pressure way to connect with others in church, and because it’s online, it can flexibly fit within your schedule.

I hope that you’ll consider joining us in this formative experiment in missional living! This is our first time as a church to do an online group this way, and we hope to offer more of these in the future so we can meet people wherever they are in the midst of their busy lives.

Luke Stehr

Luke Stehr

Christ-follower. Husband. Dad. Community Engagement Coordinator.

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