Table Groups are small groups that come together to practice mission in community! You can request to join a group below. 

Groups follow a regular pattern over the course of each month. 

On the 1st Sunday of the month Table Groups meet at First Baptist for an Equipping Night. Equipping Nights feature a meal, and provide instruction in missional skills, habits, and practices. Groups then have space to discuss what they’ve learned in a small group setting. Equipping Nights also feature related missional lessons for children.   

You can participate in Equipping Nights even if you’re not part of a group! If you’re not part of a Table Group, RSVP for the Equipping Night here so we can make sure we’ve got a meal for you and space for childcare if you need it. 

Table Groups meet in homes two times each month to share a meal and to put what they’ve learned on the Equipping Night into practice through discussion questions and missional exercises.  

Table Groups also throw a get-together or party each month where they can create a hospitable environment to invite unchurched people and to begin building relationships and starting spiritual conversations.  

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