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Women in Ministry: A Brief Summary

INTRODUCTION In this brief summary, let me begin a few declarative statements:   I believe in the authority of Holy Scripture – The Bible is the Word of God, divinely inspired and it is authoritative in the life of every believer. The Bible has to be properly interpreted – God’s Word is an ancient library…

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The Five Love Languages

What are the five love languages?  The Five Love Languages were developed by a minister, author, and speaker Gary Chapman. They’re a tool for helping people understand themselves in relationships and better connect with their spouses, friends, and children. You can take a quiz to learn what your love language is, and you can read…

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Navigating Motherhood Together: Creating a Community of Support

Don’t Mom Alone, Mom Together I’m not the first to say it, but some of us need to hear it again – Don’t mom alone, mom together. There I was, six weeks post-partum, with my precious newborn asleep in the bassinet next to me, and I couldn’t stop my tears. I had this overwhelming sense of…

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How College Students Can Continue In Their Faith Over The Summer

Living out your Christian faith in college is already difficult enough, but it can be even more difficult to do this over the summer. Often times when college students go home over the summer it can be hard for them to find the same community, they had at college back at home. This makes it…

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Making The Most of Their Last Summer

Your child’s senior year overflows with lasts: the last football game, the last curtain call, the last dance, the last awards ceremony. Until finally… the last day of school. If you’re anything like me, those lasts swell with bittersweet tension. Pride in all the ways your child has grown and flourished, an aching sadness for…

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