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If you had to choose a drink of choice, most of the time it’s something enjoyable like coffee, tea, or a soda of some kind. In my husband’s case, its Dr. Pepper all day long. Not drinking enough water daily is one of the most common mistakes one can make. It can be hard to remember I am keeping myself hydrated.

Our bodies are made up of 60% of water, so it makes sense that we need water to survive. Water is great for not only physical health but mental health as well. Whether you are an active person or not, DRINK YOUR WATER.

Drinking enough daily can aid in weight loss. There are tons of health benefits when it comes to your H2O.

Here are 2 things you can do to remind yourself to drink more water:


  1. Water Tracking App:

Having an app to track your water intake is a great way to take accountability to another level. This app, along with other great tracking apps, can help keep you on top of your daily intake goal. You can set reminders through the app to remind you that it’s time to drink water. You can also easily keep track of how much water you’ve had and how much more you have to go!

Apps to try:

  • My Water- Daily Drink Tracker
  • Drink Water-Daily Reminder


  1. Buy a new water bottle:

Personally, I get my water in when I have a cute new bottle. I love to buy waterproof stickers to put on mine too! You can buy big half gallon or gallon jugs that are specifically for tracking your water intake.

You can find them at a lot of places, but I personally love these on Amazon:

Gallon sized water bottle

32oz water bottles




Tara Tomes

Tara Tomes

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