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Stay Hydrated

By Tara Tomes | December 24, 2022

If you had to choose a drink of choice, most of the time it’s something enjoyable like coffee, tea, or a soda of some kind. In my husband’s case, its Dr. Pepper all day long. Not drinking enough water daily is one of the most common mistakes one can make. It can be hard to…

How to form a Habit

By Tara Tomes | December 24, 2022

Have you ever wondered what motivates people to stick to a fitness routine? How can someone stay so consistent? There are many reasons why one is willing to stay on track while implementing a healthy lifestyle. For example: -Having a well thought out workout regimen -Setting a goal -Making/having time in your schedule -Having a personal trainer…

Week One Winter Challenge- 5 Tips for Healthy Eating During the Holidays

By Tara Tomes | December 24, 2022

Week One- Winter Challenge “5 Tips for Healthy Eating During the Holidays”   The holidays have arrived! If you’re anything like me, the Christmas sweets have been calling your name, and you can’t wait to get a hold of some Christmas cookies! The holidays can be a difficult time to decide to implement a healthier diet.…

Starting a Walking/Running Routine

By Tara Tomes | December 24, 2022

“Starting a Walking/Running Routine”   Everyone starts somewhere on their fitness journey. Some people can easily adjust and pick up new things quickly, while some of us need to start slow and work our way up. When interested in adding more physical activities into your lifestyle, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. If…

Starting a New Workout Regimen

By Tara Tomes | December 1, 2022

It’s a new year, and with the new year comes the common motto, “New Year, new me!” Beginning is exciting and it almost feels like you get the chance to start over and have fresh start. The most common resolution is getting healthy in the new year. Usually, these resolutions die off within the first…