Each season is important.

Birthday Cake

Be encouraged that each season of your life is important!  It took me a while to figure that out, you see I had a quarter life crisis on my 25th birthday.

I spent my birthday weekend with my parents, and that Sunday we all went to church together. My parents switched churches after I moved out, so I didn’t know anyone there. It’s a small, highly-interactive, super-friendly church. Before the worship service began, they asked if anyone had a birthday and asked them to stand. Immediately my parents shot me a mischievous look and began pointing exaggeratedly at me.

I don’t know what came over me, but I did NOT want to participate.
I didn’t know these people.
I didn’t want to stand up and smile and act like I was excited about this birthday.
Did I mention I’m not really a morning person?

I motioned to my parents to stop, that I was serious… but it was too late. The pastor saw me and kindly called me out in front of everyone, asking me to stand for the birthday song, promising he wouldn’t embarrass me, as the entire congregation watched, amused. So I stood. Tears stung my eyes and I could feel my throat constricting, making my breathing ragged.  As soon as the happy birthday song was over I sat, defiantly, and moped.

Even I knew that I was acting like a petulant child. What the heck was wrong with me? I must have truly embarrassed my parents acting so ridiculous, over a silly birthday song. And after some time to cool down and pray, I realized that I’d fallen prey to the increasingly popular quarter life crisis. 25. 25?!?!

25 had always seemed like the pinnacle of young adulthood. At that age, my parents were working full time management jobs, married, and expecting me!  At 25 I was still in school, accumulating debt, working part-time (and very much paycheck to paycheck), with no idea when my life would look like an adult’s life should. This season of life didn’t go like I had imagined.

Nearly a decade later, I can look back and see clearly how God was shaping me through all of the struggles I faced in my twenties. Theology classes challenged my beliefs and forced me to explore everything I had once accepted without question. Financial struggles forced me to lean fully on God for my needs, and to depend on the kindness and generosity of others. And through a quarter life crisis, I was forced to reckon with the idea that there’s nothing healthy or biblical about holding myself to some ambiguous social standard for my life. Isn’t it God who has written our days and ordered our steps?

For those of you who are struggling, feeling alone in your lack of accomplishment, be encouraged that each season of your life is important. There is purpose and beauty at every step. And you are not alone. The God of the Universe desires relationship with you and wants to use you to further his kingdom and bring glory to his name. Real success can be found in our surrender, not striving.

I’m grateful that 25-year-old Chelsea couldn’t look ahead to see where I am now (with a supportive husband, two absolutely precious babies, and the exact kind of ministry that I dreamed of in school) because that season of struggle truly deepened my faith. In the unknown, God remained constant.

Regardless of anything else, my worth was and is found in Him. That’s an important lesson.

Hang in there,
Chelsea Judkins
Youth Girls’ Minister

P.S. Have a birthday coming up?  Check out this great recipe for classic birthday cake.

Chelsea Judkins

Chelsea Judkins

Chelsea Judkins is the Girls Minister at FBCA. She and her husband Kyle have two children, Lucy and Theodore. Chelsea enjoys hiking, cooking, and having coffee dates with the youth girls!

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