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Making The Most of Their Last Summer

By Chelsea Judkins | June 9, 2024

Your child’s senior year overflows with lasts: the last football game, the last curtain call, the last dance, the last awards ceremony. Until finally… the last day of school. If you’re anything like me, those lasts swell with bittersweet tension. Pride in all the ways your child has grown and flourished, an aching sadness for…

Connect with Your Teenager

By Chelsea Judkins | November 10, 2022
Connect with your Teenager

It can be quite a challenge to connect with your teenager. The teenage years come with a lot of tensions, a lot of already-but-not-quite-yets. Teens grow in independence and autonomy, making their own decisions and forming their own opinions… but they also need you to do basic things like sign them up for Drivers Ed…

Dwell in the Presence of God

By Chelsea Judkins | November 3, 2022

In 2016, our team began dreaming about a retreat just for girls in the youth ministry. The fall semester is full of so much good stuff- so much so, that it can be overwhelming. Between demanding schoolwork, band, cheer, choir, theater, volleyball, and more… plus, trying to maintain relationships with friends and family and get…

By Your Love

By Chelsea Judkins | October 26, 2022
By Your Love

This past week, Tanner brought a great message at The Break about the love we are called to in 1 Corinthians 13. Afterward, I sat with a delightful group of freshman girls as we processed through our discussion questions. By your love – it’s an important phrase. One of the questions in our list was…

What a Good Father

By Chelsea Judkins | October 11, 2022
Good Father

Life with two littles is full of good-natured chaos, phrases I never thought I’d need to say, and a new awareness of potential danger. When Lucy started crawling at six months, we babyproofed our home. We put cabinet locks over our cleaning supply storage. We bought outlet covers and moved anything breakable out of reach.…