Family Rhythms

Fall Family Rhythms

I love Fall! For Texans, Fall finally brings some relief from the scorching Texas Summer heat! Fall also brings some familiar family rhythms that help settle the roller-coaster of summer schedules. There is something about Fall Rhythms that convey a homey-comfort and peace.

I’m thankful for rhythms of life that God created and set into place. The predictable expectations of day and night, summer and fall, mealtime and bedtime, or weekday and weekend bring some consistency to life. Most routines or rhythms cause a response or action step of some kind. We don’t affect the seasons or time with our rhythms, like God does, but we do have the opportunity to set in motion intentional family routines that affect living life abundantly.

When our daughters were very young, mealtime together at the dining room table was an important family rhythm that we set in place. Having a regular place at the table, with consistent connections and conversations, provided a safe place to share life. There is something sacred that happens, over time, when life is shared around a meal. And I promise, there isn’t any thing special about the food. I don’t cook! For us, the table became the point of gathering. Most of the time, being together at the same place, for the same reasons, brings a sense of belonging. When the family meal is a place to contribute and a place to be encouraged, the family becomes healthier and stronger. This type of family health exemplifies living an abundant life. It won’t be perfect, and it will certainly be messy. But it will be so full of Life! Our family began this mealtime rhythm 30 years ago. And now, with sons-in-law and grandchildren added, the table is the place we linger at the longest. We laugh, share, pray, question, play, eat, and love each other. We are truly grateful for an abundant life provided by God’s grace and goodness.c

Establishing family rhythms that impact each other’s character and bring lasting connections are worth the commitment it takes. What rhythms are you most grateful for this fall? If you want some simple ideas on how to begin meaningful family rhythms, listen to Episode 2 of the Small Steps Podcast, on Apple or Spotify. May your family be blessed by the intentional rhythms you enjoy this Fall!

P.S. See you in church this Sunday!

Nanette Johnson

Nanette Johnson

Nanette Johnson is our Preschool Minister. She and her husband have lived in Arlington for 17 years. She loves preschoolers and the simple ways they live life. Her favorite thing is hearing her grandchildren say, "Hi Nan!"

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