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Faith, Family, and Friends

By Nanette Johnson | September 25, 2022

My roots were planted in a home that consistently focused on faith, family, and friends. My father was a pastor and modeled how to shepherd people well. My mother loved teaching children and serving in the church. My sister and I began serving in the church, alongside our parents, as soon as we were old…

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Gift Giving

By Nanette Johnson | December 1, 2022
Gift Giving

We spend a lot of time during the Christmas Season thinking about gifts and gift giving. Giving just the right gift takes thought. How well you know the person greatly informs the choosing process. And then your personality colors the way you choose as well. Depending on your personality, some people may find gift-giving stressful…

Traditions are Important

By Nanette Johnson | November 17, 2022
Traditions are Important

When I think back to my childhood years, there were some things that I feel have just always been. God, His love, and The Bible are obvious. But there is one more you may have missed as an “always has been” and that would be Musicals, of course! I grew up with musicals like: Fiddler…

Attitude of Gratitude

By Courtney McDaniel | November 10, 2022
Attitude of Gratitude

How do you help your child develop an attitude of gratitude? In our world today, I feel like that is getting harder and harder to do. A recent post on the Parent Cue Instagram states that “Gratitude isn’t an inherent emotion. Gratitude is learned.” They offered four ways to model gratitude to our children: 1.…

Less is More

By Nanette Johnson | November 2, 2022
Less Is More

As humans this phrase, Less is More, may go against our natural instincts and desires. We tend to live in the lane that is always striving for more. This “I need more” desire happens around the preschool snack table as soon as the fish crackers are given. As adults, it may come over us with…

A Place to Belong

By Courtney McDaniel | October 27, 2022
A Place to Belong

After graduating from college, I moved to a new city, with a new job, and no friends nearby. It felt like I was new to everything. I was searching for a place to belong, with people my age and in my stage of life. After visiting several other churches across the DFW metroplex, someone from…

First, Worship God

By Nanette Johnson | October 19, 2022
First Worship God

Sundays are when we come to church as individuals to be together as a family. I’ve never known life without church. My grandparents raised their children to attend church every Sunday. And then my parents did the same with my sister and me. Jay and I have continued to make Sunday church attendance an important,…

Kind Neighbors

By Nanette Johnson | October 10, 2022
Kind Neighbors

It’s Fall, Y’all! That means pumpkins are a necessity! I know Aldi has good prices which is where I begin my pumpkin hunt. I decide I don’t need a shopping cart, because, after all, their pumpkins may not qualify. (In case you are wondering, the pumpkin checklist includes: cheap, round, sits flat, no grey patches,…

Invite God In

By Courtney McDaniel | October 5, 2022
Invite God In

My four-year-old son, Briggs, and I talk a lot about family connections.  He wants to know who you are related to; do you have two sisters like he does, etc.  On a recent visit to see my parents, Briggs asked my mom about her daddy.  She told him that her daddy no longer lived here…

Play is serious learning.

By Nanette Johnson | October 4, 2022
Play is Serous Learning

I grew up watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood on our black and white TV. At that time, I had no idea that he was advocating for children through media. I just knew he was kind and I related with the way he shared life. So now, fast forward several decades from the years of Mr. Roger’s…

A Seed Planted Will Grow

By Courtney McDaniel | October 1, 2022
A Seed Planted

I was raised in a Christian home and attended church regularly. My mother has told me that when I was an infant our pastor, Pastor Steck, was the first person outside of family to hold me.  When I made the decision to ask Jesus into my heart at age 8 I vividly remember being so…