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To say that I rarely get on Facebook would be a major understatement. I share an account with my wife Lori in name only. She is the one that checks Facebook and lets me know about what people are posting. Every now and then I will look on Facebook and see for myself what people are doing. One of those rare times that I get on to see what people are posting is during the holiday season. I like to read what people are saying about what they were thankful for around Thanksgiving and see all the pictures leading up to Christmas.

I recently got on and looked at all the beautiful pictures that everyone had posted of their children and grandchildren and read many of the post that they shared about what they were thankful for. It was awesome to see how so many of our friends and families celebrate the holidays. This is really a great time to catch up on how God has blessed over the year. I think the two favorite things that I liked the most was reading about all the different family traditions during the holidays and see pictures that parents share when their now grown children were really children. I can recognize lots of the backgrounds because many of those pictures were taken here at the church.

One of my favorite family traditions that I will always remember, was on Christmas Eve to read or, act out when our children were younger, the Christmas story from Luke 2: 1-20. That tradition has changed over the years as our children have grown up and married, but those memories will still be with us forever. I hope that you are making memories with some of your special family traditions and encourage you to even make some new ones as well. If you have not already, I encourage you to pick up the Advent cards in the Children’s & Preschool areas to make celebrating the Advent season a part of your family traditions.

I also invite you use the decorations around the church to get some wonderful pictures of your family that will be part of the memories you create together. Take advantage of the beautiful background in the Children’s area on the 2nd floor. If you would like to share your picture and your favorite family tradition, you can post it on the Children’s Facebook page for all to see. I might even get on Facebook before next year to check it out.


P.S. Our FaceBook page is The Children’s Ministry at First Baptist Arlington.

David Butts

David Butts

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