Telling the Story – Fall 2022

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There’s something powerful that happens in our lives when we talk about the good things God has done and is doing. This last Sunday, the college Bible study discussed the impact of sharing stories of God working in our lives. What we learned was that the victory of Jesus in our lives can sow seeds of victory in the lives of those around us if we are faithful to tell the story.

In that spirit, I wanted to share with you, church family, a testimony of how God has been working at FBCA College during Fall 2022.

Prior to this semester, myself and several others prayer walked UTA every day of the summer. During that time of intense, consistent prayer, I prayed that God would:

  • Save souls
  • Send laborers
  • Anoint our worship space to be a place of rest and sending

In answer to that prayer, here’s what God did:

Save Souls

We’ve seen 5 students come to Christ this semester. Students from all walks of life are hearing the gospel and praying to receive Christ. Transformation is happening. Not only that, these students and others are being activated to share their faith boldly with their friends, co-workers, and classmates.

Send Laborers

I prayed for God to send laborers and he did. Through our student leadership emphasis and efforts, we were able to train up 20 student leaders (called Disciplemakers) who are living out intentional discipleship. They’re discipling through the FBCA College, the BSM, the Child Development Center, in small groups, and beyond. Furthermore, God has called new students to join our lead team.

God is also raising up the next generation of church leaders in our ministry. We opened the opportunity for students to guest teach at Sunday school. 5 taught this fall and all did fantastic. 7 student teachers are slated to teach this coming semester. God is calling students to ministry in our community as well. To my knowledge, we have 4 who are exploring this call or actively pursuing it. We’re working with them to equip and prepare them for their callings.


In praying for the space, God has used our facility to be a place of rest and sending. Rest through our open hours initiatives on Tuesday/Thursday to be a study/community space for students. Sending through training seminars (to raise up disciplemakers), worship services, bible studies, and more. Kara Milton led redecorating efforts in the college room and it looks incredible. It’s a place our community loves.

But wait, there’s more

Alongside all of that, God has blessed our efforts and partnerships. The fall campout was powerful (2 students came to Christ through it). Our kick off events were a ton of fun with great connections made. We’ve maintained a consistent presence and partnership with the UTA BSM. We’ve partnered with Glowing Heart Ministries.

The list goes on and on of God’s faithfulness. There’s more that I could write about, but I’d love to tell you in person sometime. My heart is full!

Scaryoke 2022

Thank you so much for all your support this semester. Whether you’ve helped out at an event, financially given sacrificially, served weekly, sent encouraging words, or been faithful to pray, it all matters. It all has a kingdom impact that is greater than I can put into words.

Thank you and glory to God.

What’s next?

As I look ahead to Spring 2023, I am filled with excitement. Plans are coming together, but we need your prayer and support for the following:

  • Praying for God to double the number of salvations this coming year
  • I’m taking 12 students to Passion at the end of this month (Dec. 28-30). Pray for it to be a catalytic event for their walks with Jesus
  • Looking to hire a new college ministry staffer. Kara Milton faithfully served in this role for 4 years and has recently accepted a new position at FBCA as our social media director. Thrilled for her and looking forward to who God is calling to the role.
  • Our semester programming begins January 18th! Pray for our kick off night as students return and new students come.
  • We’re creating an outreach team for UTA. Pray for our student leaders as they live out bold evangelism and recruit others to join them in the task.
  • We’re going on mission! Nailing down the final details, but we are expecting to go on Spring Break and Summer Mission Trip. Pray for those God is calling and for provision.
  • My wife Patience has a surgery scheduled for January 18th. It’s the third of its kind that she’s been through, so prayers for skilled surgeons, swift recovery, and solutions.

God is good. He has done incredible things this semester and isn’t done yet. He has given us this mission statement: FBCA College wants God’s best for college students and takes action to see it happen. By his grace and empowering, we are living into and living out that calling.

Thank you for partnering with us to reach this generation for Christ.

Connor Torrealba

Connor Torrealba

Connor is the College Minister at First Baptist Arlington. He is passionate about discipling the next generation to live out their faith or come to faith for the first time. Connor enjoys traveling with his wife Patience, biking, and hiking.

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