World Mission Offering

The World Mission Offering is our gift towards Missions. This is our way to impact the world for Christ. We use your financial gift strategically to do the most good.

Our World Mission Offering goal for 2024-2025 is $300,000.


How is the World Mission Offering Used?


Recipients receive a significant level of oversight as well as management of funds from sanctioned FBCA representatives, committees, or councils. This includes: Direct Mission Sending, volunteer teams, and local cross-cultural engagement.



Includes 501(c)3 non-profit organizations and ministry work in other countries whose missions and strategic goals closely align with FBCA. While FBCA does not provide oversight or manage recipient funds, there is a level of interaction maintained between FBCA teams, training for FBCA members, or other provided services.
Current Recipients: Global Center Partners, Arlington Arab Women’s Center, Christian Women’s Job Corps, DFW Asylum Seeker Housing Network, International Friends, and Mission Metroplex/Mission Arlington.


Funds intended solely as gifts and serve as an extension of belief that the stated strategies of these recipients align with our own core values and beliefs.
Current Recipients: BGCT - Texas Border; Global Connections Partnership Network/Restore Hope; Mary Hill Davis State Mission's Offering; Lottie Moon Christmas Offering; Texas Baptist Hunger Offering; Ascent; Hispanic Convention of Texas


NOTE: For gifts received above the $300,000 goal, the category distribution percentages are as follows:

  • FBCA Directed - 70%
  • Strategic Partners - 20%
  • Cooperative Partners - 10%

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