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Visiting Old Friends

By Kurt Krodle | April 2, 2024

Reconnecting Have you ever gone way too long without seeing a group of friends?  Then, the day comes that you’re once again reunited, and you can share space, catch up, and simply enjoy the time together!  Those are sweet days, often that include lots of laughter, stories, and rejoicing at simply being together once again.…

Consistent Parents

By Kurt Krodle | October 6, 2022
Consistent Parents

I can still hear my dad’s boots walking across the entryway to my childhood home.  It’s a sound for me that brought joy because Daddy was home!  I haven’t heard that sound in 30+ years, but it still makes me smile and brings peace to my spirit.  I didn’t grow up in a perfect home,…

I’m Grateful

By Kurt Krodle | September 29, 2022
Greenville, Texas

I’m grateful for small towns. In 1985, John Cougar Mellencamp released the song, Small Town which starts with: Well, I was born in a small town And I live in a small town Probably die in a small town Oh, those small communities I don’t remember what I thought about that song (other than I…

A Different Kind of First Day

By Kurt Krodle | September 18, 2022

For the past 26 falls, I have sent and prayed over students in the churches that I have served as they have begun new school years.  First, it was about 20 students from our church in the community of Cash in Hunt County.  Then, God took me to northwest Tarrant County to Saginaw, on to…