Where in the Bible is Holy Week?

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Holy Week or ‘Passion Week’ is the week leading up to Easter, beginning the Sunday prior with Palm Sunday.  For many Christians around the world, the events of Jesus’ life the week before his death are commemorated and honored throughout this week in their church calendar.

Each of the four gospels in the Bible reference these Holy Week events.  Although they are overall harmonious accounts, each author writes from their own perspective, with different highlights and emphases.  Our pastor, Dr. Dennis R. Wiles, has compiled this list of the Holy Week events from each gospel.

Our hope in publishing these texts is that they can help you study the different author’s writings while gaining a clearer vantage point of the events in one of the most crucial weeks in the history of the world!  Ultimately, we hope it helps you more faithfully follow Jesus this Easter season.

If this sparks any questions in you, or you want further conversation, please email me at katy.hodges@fbca.org and I’ll be happy to chat.

Palm Sunday

Royal, Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem

                  –Matthew 21:1-11

                  –Mark 11:1-11

                  –Luke 19:28-44

                  –John 12:12-19



Jesus signals the end of the Temple

                  –Matthew 21:12-19

                  –Mark 11:12-19

                  -Luke 19:45-48

                  –John 12:20-50



Jesus in the Temple

                  –Matthew 21:23-26:16

                  –Mark 11:19-14:11

                  –Luke 20:1-22:6


Maundy Thursday

The mandate – “Love one another”

                  –Matthew 26:17-26:46

                  –Mark 14:12-42

                  -Luke 22:7-46

                  -John 13:1-18:1


Good Friday

The Lamb of God

            –Matthew 26:47-27:66

                  –Mark 14:43-15:47

                  –Luke 22:47-23:56

                  –John 18:2-19:42


Easter Sunday


                  –Matthew 28:1-15

                  –Mark 16:1-8

                  –Luke 21:1-49

                  –John 20:1-23

Katy Hodges

Katy Hodges

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