Social Media

Don’t act like you’re not on your smartphone all the time.  We all are…it’s a fact of life!  First Baptist Church Arlington is on lots of your favorite social media sites.  Like us!  Follow us!  Join us and you’ll never be bored while waiting for your oil change, again!


Facebook is our most used site.  Check out our main FBCA page on Facebook.  We’ll provide you with lots of information about upcoming events, reminders for church, discussion questions and more.  Click over now and LIKE the page to keep up!

Additionally, several individual ministries have a Facebook page, so check these out and LIKE them, too! 


Twitter: Follow us on Twitter to get quick updates to remind you about events, send you to the website, help you get registered for upcoming events and more.  We love to catch up with you, too…so tweet us back.  We can’t wait to read your 140 characters!

You can also follow these ministries on twitter: Worship Ministries, Youth Ministry, BOOMER Ministry, Young Adult Ministry.


Instagram: Are you on Instagram?  Follow us to see behind the scenes shots at church, around the office and trips around the world. Search for @fbcarlington on your phone app, or find us at the direct Instagram page.