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In the first two sections, we have given our attention to exploring the Culture and the Theological Foundations of our church. This third section includes some of the material already addressed. However, it is presented in a more interactive format that allows you to explore various topics more extensively. You can go at your own pace. You can take the time to delve more deeply. There are many links provided in this section that will connect you to a “trail of information” that you will find to be helpful in your role as a leader.

You can complete this section without “clicking through” all of the links provided. You can also use this material as a reference for future questions, and deeper understanding. There is a wealth of knowledge available and it is literally at your fingertips!

Further, this section contains material we have not addressed. You will discover opportunities…

To think through the plan of salvation
To explore more completely the theological commitments of our church
To become more acquainted with our many ministry partners
To become more familiar with the leadership structure and Ministerial Staff of our church.

As a leader in our church, you are assisting in making crucial decisions in the life of our church. Thank you for recognizing the value of preparing yourself to be the best leader possible!  

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  • After you have completed basiX, we would like you to fill out a completion form. This will let us know that you have gone through the curriculum and allow you to offer feedback

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