How it Began

In the fall of 2008, our Pastor asked the FBCA Staff to focus on three key areas for our church in 2009: Bible reading, Communications and Leadership Development.

The “Bible reading” emphasis produced The Word of God for the People of God daily reading plan. The “Communications” emphasis resulted in our digital signs, expanded website and weekly newsletters. The “Leadership Development” emphasis led to the creation of LeadershipNEXT.

A team of staff and church members began meeting to define “leadership” and establish an organizational structure for this new ministry. On April 25, 2009 we launched LeadershipNEXT as a way to “create an intentional culture of leadership through development and engagement.”

This web-based tool continues to evolve and expand. The basiX Curriculum, personal assessments and other online resources are supplemented by occasional large group gatherings (Summits). Our prayer is that LeadershipNEXT will help you positively influence others to accomplish a share vision by following The Jesus Way.

The videos from our original meeting in April 2009 are available below.

Welcome and Opening Words


NEXT Steps