Frequently Asked Questions


It’s a word that can often be hard to define when we look at our church. But the truth is, our church operates on the leadership of our members. Sunday Bible study classes, mission trips, small accountability groups, the Lord’s Supper preparation, baptisms and countless other tasks at our church only happen through leaders.  People like you.

First Baptist Church Arlington is a big place and can be overwhelming, but we want to make it as easy as possible to get involved and engage your gifts for God’s work in and through our church.  LeadershipNEXT is creating an intentional culture of leadership through development and engagement.  Let this information be a launching point for you as you seek to become a leader at First Baptist.


Who is a leader?
A leader is someone who positively influences others to accomplish a shared vision by following the Jesus Way. Whether you greet at a door, teach in a class, serve at Mission Arlington, sing in the choir…you ARE a leader.

What is LeadershipNEXT?
Quite simply, it’s a storehouse of information which will allow you to assess your passions and get linked to areas that match that passion and your gifts with places of leadership and service at First Baptist.

What does LeadershipNEXT mean for me?
A lot! It’s a unified pathway into leadership development and engagement at First Baptist Church. You can use the webpages for information and discovery. Want to know what’s available in Youth or Children’s ministry? Click on Leadership Opportunities in their Ministry Areas. Want to talk to someone about a ministry team role? Fill out the NEXT Step form with your interests.  We will also continually update and add new resources and opportunities for growth and development.

What kinds of leadership opportunities and information are available?
Go to Leadership Opportunities under any department or ministry you want more information about. There you will find a list of needs and opportunities. From Mission Arlington to Community Connections to Worship to Education and beyond. Each area will consistently post ways to be involved. The information part is growing daily. Right now, you can see our pastor’s sermons on leadership, get involved in a forum, look up leadership resources and view our church’s core beliefs and values.

I’m a guest, is it okay for me to check out LeadershipNEXT and look for leadership opportunities?
Absolutely! All of the information is available and many of our ministries have leadership roles for everyone to explore. Don’t hesitate to search around and ask questions.

What if I’m already in a leadership role at FBCA?
Great and thank you! You can still use the site for all of the information listed above. We are going to be adding a mentoring component in the near future. Perhaps that is a calling in your life. Maybe you know others who need to be in leadership and want to provide that information. Perhaps you want to do more. We will continue to add more development opportunities as we go along. From now on, it will be a “work in progress” so that we can equip godly leaders.

How can I determine my gifts and passions?
Great question! Many of us have never fully explored our passions and potential. You can begin the discovery by taking the on-line Spiritual Gifts Analysis and the Ministry Interest Survey. It will take just a few moments and lead you to a variety of options and even make a suggestion or two. One of the beauties of LeadershipNEXT is the discovery portion.

What will you do with the information we give in the surveys?
That information is processed through Cindy Goodyear. She is on our staff and tasked with the responsibility of caring for LeadershipNEXT on a day-to-day basis. Based upon your answers and inquiries, she will send information to the ministries in which you expressed interest. People from those ministries will be in direct contact with you to discuss opportunities.

Who can I contact for more information?
Email Sarah Pursley and if you have ministry questions about particular areas or departments, you can email our staff.  You can always call the church office at 817.277.6353.