Direct Missions Sending Council

Staff Coordinator: 
Director of Global Ministries

Principal Function:
The Direct Missions Sending Council is responsible to:

  • Assess candidates for training/commission.
  • Provide direction in the sending process.
  • Monitor field performance.
  • Balance funding decisions and maintain financial integrity.
  • Make key decisions throughout the missions process.
  • Periodically report updates to the church.

The Sending Council is organized into three subgroups:

  • Missions Support
  • Advocate Support
  • Business Support

Specific Duties Include:

Missions Support – The roles/responsibilities of the Missions Support group include the following:

  • Examine Candidate’s readiness for GCPN training.
  • Review Candidate’s background information, references, and expert readiness assessments to determine readiness for commissioning.
  • Provide ongoing pastoral care, spiritual advice, and strategic counsel to Candidates/Missionaries.
  • Monitor/facilitate Missionary status reporting and annual review process.
  • Monitor issues and identify resolution options.

Advocate Support – Every missions Candidate will identify an “Advocate” to provide prayer support, spiritual counseling, and other supporting actions.  The Advocate Support group will work with these Advocates:

  • Provide coaching and ongoing direction to all Advocates in place.
  • Facilitate periodic meetings with Advocates to pray, train, inform, and ensure that roles are being appropriately filled.
  • Listen to Advocates and determine individual Candidate/Missionary issues that may require elevation to the Sending Council.
  • Maintain special events calendar for all Candidates and Missionaries.  Ensure that these are appropriately communicated within the church.

Business Support – The Business Support group will assist with the financial and legal activities related to our direct missions activities.  Responsibilities include the following:

  • Determine specific funding requirements for each missionary.
  • Develop annual budget based upon planned inputs/outputs.
  • Monitor actual vs. plan financial performance each month.
  • Monitor and assess overall business and legal issues as they relate to Missionary and sending entities.


Additional Information:

  • Council members will serve 3-year terms, with 1/3 of members replaced each year.
  • The Pastor and Chairman of deacons will provide recommendations for new Council members.
  • Deacons will vote to recommend Council members for church vote.
  • Church body will vote to approve new Council members