Online Sessions

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Discovering your Leadership Style

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and walked away asking yourself “what did they just say”? Ever wonder why you just can’t seem to communicate with some people? Communication is a key part of our daily lives and a key to being an effective leader. Our own Eric Thompson will help you learn how to be a more effective leader in your life by understanding your communication style and that of others. Begin Session

Follow the Leader

Join Dr. Dennis R. Wiles as he preaches on six important topics in being a good leader.  Begin Session

        • Commitment: Follow Through
        • Insight: Seeking Wisdom from Above!
        • Resources: Show Me the Money
        • Obstacles: We Shall Overcome
        • Motivation
        • Evaluation: What is Going On?

How to Study the Bible

This session is designed to help you become a better student of God’s Word. Dr. Dennis R. Wiles assists you in learning how to read your Bible, understand what it means and apply its truth to your life. You will learn some practical skills that will benefit you in your journey of transformation.  Begin Session

How to Tell the Big Story

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you desperately wanted to share the big story, but didn’t know how? You are in luck!  Cindy Wiles gives ideas on how to present The Big Story, helping you discover which important events from the bible to focus on.  Begin Session

Spiritual Gifts Online Session

One of the challenges of becoming a biblical servant leader involves the ability to fulfill the God-appointed gifts given to believers. Strong servant leaders should regularly evaluate the manner in which they are serving in their areas of giftedness. This session will give you the chance to review the spiritual gifts by digging into scripture, taking a spiritual gifts analysis, and reflecting on your results with thought provoking questions. Begin Session

Trust Building

In this session, you will engage in activities that expand your awareness of trust behaviors. The focus is on helping you see yourself as trust builders on a team, in a department, and throughout the church. Begin Session