Infertility Support Group

Many couples deal with infertility and it can definitely throw you for a loop. While we often expect to get married and have children easily, the reality is lots of couples often find themselves on a long, confusing and expensive road…often feeling very much alone.

In our Young Adult Ministry, we have lots of couples who have walked – or are currently walking – the journey of dealing with infertility. We want to offer you support if you find yourself in this difficult situation. We have couples who have been successful with IVF and others who have not. We’ve had some who did eventually get pregnant and others who have moved on to adoption. Wherever you find yourself, we would love to be a listening ear to help you sort through questions, seek advice and counsel of those who have been there, and offer prayer support as you determine what you will do.

Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth…all women who waited years for a child. Are you waiting as well? Looking for others on the same journey to pray with, share love and offer support?

Are you waiting alongside a loved one? Mother, father, friend, grandparent, Bible study leader? Searching for how to support them and needing encouragement yourself?

If would like more information about this group please contact LeadershipNEXT.