Strategic Oversight Committee




The Principal Function of SGMOC:

Establish a strategy that will guide our church’s decision making related to sending mission teams, preparing and sending cross-cultural workers, and providing financial assistance for all areas of our global mission strategy.

The Committee Process includes the following four phases:

Phase 1 – Education process. (Complete)
Phase 2 – Define the current environment. (Complete)
Phase 3 – Define target environment and obtain church approval. (In process)
Phase 4 – Implement approved recommendations and provide ongoing support.


The Strategic Global Missions Oversight Committee is preparing to make its recommendation to the FBCA family regarding the future strategy for sending cross-cultural workers to the mission field, including the financial plan which will support this mission outreach in 2012-2013.

The recommendation, along with its final report, will be presented at the regularly scheduled quarterly church conference on Sunday, January 29, at 6:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary.  The report will include:

  1. Identifying the core region where we will initially focus our mission outreach.
  2. How we will look for future regions in which to send cross-cultural workers.
  3. The criteria FBCA’s Direct Mission Sending Council will use to send cross-cultural workers.
  4. The financial plan which will support cross-cultural workers and their mission.

An opportunity for questions and discussion will follow the presentation of the report and recommendation.

The church will vote on this recommendation the following Sunday, February 5, in the morning worship services by secret ballot.

The SGMOC wishes to thank the church for its interest and prayers!  Please continue to pray that all we seek to do in blessing the nations will be guided by God and bring exaltation to His Name!