Direct Mission Sending Council

That FBCA recognize the Direct Missions Sending Council as an approved organization within First Baptist Church of Arlington, responsible to the church for recommending missions candidates, managing financial resources, and monitoring and supporting commissioned Missionaries of FBCA.


The Direct Missions Sending Council is responsible to:

  • Assess candidates for training/commission.
  • Provide direction in the sending process.
  • Monitor field performance.
  • Balance funding decisions and maintain financial integrity.
  • Make key decisions throughout the missions process.
  • Periodically report updates to the church.

The Sending Council will be organized into three subgroups:

Missions Support – The roles/responsibilities of the Missions Support group include the following:

  • Examine Candidate’s readiness for Panorama training.
  • Review Candidate’s background information, references, and expert readiness assessments to determine readiness for commissioning.
  • Provide ongoing pastoral care, spiritual advice, and strategic counsel to Candidates/Missionaries.
  • Monitor/facilitate Missionary status reporting and annual review process.
  • Monitor issues and identify resolution options.

Business Support – The Business Support group will assist with the financial and legal activities related to our direct missions activities.  Responsibilities include the following:

  • Determine specific funding requirements for each missionary.
  • Develop annual budget based upon planned inputs/outputs.
  • Monitor actual vs. plan financial performance each month.
  • Monitor and assess overall business and legal issues as they relate to Missionary and sending entities.

Council Guidelines:

  • Council members will serve 4-year terms, with 1/3 of members replaced each year.
  • The Pastor and Chairman of deacons will provide recommendations for new Council members.
  • Deacons will vote to recommend Council members for church vote.
  • Church body will vote to approve new Council members