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Thought I’d pass on some excerpts from an article on “Welcoming Guests.” It offers some very practical ways you can make a difference. It was written by Diana Davis, author, speaker and wife of the North American Mission Board’s vice president for the mid-west region, Steve Davis.

A tattoo artist, a CEO, and a homeless guy walk into your church’s worship service … No, that’s not the first line of a joke. It could become a weekly reality. Thousands of churches plan events, with the purpose of inviting their community to church. But when those strangers walk into church, will they receive a warm welcome? How can a church assure that outsiders are accepted?

The answer is spelled with just three letters: Y-O-U.

Yes, you – the normal Christian person sitting in the pew on Sunday morning. It’s nice when the greeter at the door says hello, and it’s great if the pastor or church leaders have a moment to speak to guests, but what really makes a difference is when you offer a sincere hand of friendship to a guest.

Will you make an effort to welcome every guest who sits near you during worship? Try this strategy:

  • Make a specific commitment. Look at your church layout and select an area, such as a section of seats, or three pews nearest you. Make a personal commitment to God to welcome anyone who sits in that area. Don’t fret if others greet them; no one complains about being over-welcomed.
  • Say a silent prayer as you enter church every Sunday. Ask God to direct you to those who need a welcome and to give you boldness to show His love to them.
  • Just say “hello.” Speak to each person who sits in that area. A simple “Hi, Teresa” can mean the world, even to regular attenders. Watch for ways to encourage them.
  • Keep an index card in your Bible. Take notes on your smart phone. You’ll discover that many people sit in the same general area, and you’ll soon be calling them by name. This also makes it easier to recognize guests.
  • Intentionally watch for visitors. It’s difficult to be a first-time guest, but just one willing person — that’s you — can help put them at ease. Sit beside or in front of the guest. Introduce yourself, and repeat his name in conversation. Write it on your index card or make a note on your smart phone. Make a goal to call him by name when he returns. Tell him you’re glad he came.
  • Introduce the guest to at least two other people before she leaves. For example, help a young mother meet another mom, then escort her to meet the pastor.
  • Offer a “next step.” Invite the guest to your small group, Bible study or an upcoming church fellowship event. Write down details for the guest.
  • Offer friendship. Give them your personal contact info, and encourage the guest to email or call with questions. Invite her to join you after church for lunch or for coffee one day this week. Be sure to invite them to come again for worship next Sunday.

What would happen if the world began to walk into your church doors next Sunday? Would those guests be shunned or warmly embraced? The answer is in your hands.

You thought the first line of this was a joke, right? Instead, it’s the crux of the Gospel, the serious work of loving all people to Jesus. Will you begin this Sunday to make a resolution to welcome guests?

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Jon Randles - History and Theology of Evangelism

Topics include:
  • “People don’t make any kind of life changing decision unless they are in pain.”
  • Explains how the pendulum has swung from one end of the spectrum to the other starting with the 1920’s up to the 2000’s
  • Explains why the 30 year old and under crowd are “hungry for moral absolutes, teamwork, and  hungry to join something that will change their lives.”
  • You have to be intentional, relational, and hold an event.

YouTube Preview Image

Find out more about Jon Randles.

Scott Willingham - What is the Gospel?

Topics include:
  • What is the Good News?

YouTube Preview Image

Who are our neighbors? What do they believe? What is their culture like? How can I interact with them?

We’ve all wondered things like this from time to time. As we set out to be more intentional the next 10 years in being a blessing to the nations it is important for us to be informed about the people God has placed right here in our neighborhoods. Community Connections has captured these series of monthly seminars led by experts in the particular topic of the day.


Led by Pancho and Robbi Francovich

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

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Feel free to download these 3 worksheets to go along with the videos.

The Law of Eternal Progression
Three Questions
Witnessing to Mormons

Jehovah's Witness

Bible Story Telling

Henna Demo


Video coming soon!

Leadership Opportunities

Kids HopeFirst ImpressionsGuest MinistryAssimilation

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Kids Hope is a faith based elementary school mentoring program that honors the separation of church and state while following the Jesus Way of loving others. Kids Hope is one child, one person, one hour a week, for one school year program. We have trained 45 mentors in our church who go to Speer Elementary weekly to mentor. The opportunity to provide hands on showing of God’s love with the students and teachers has truly been amazing. Because of the program’s success we are broadening the Leadership Base! Here are the opportunities to serve:

As a mentor of an elementary age child you will be investing in the life of one specific child for an entire school year.  By volunteering you are agreeing to develop a relationship with this child and be there for them one hour a week. » Learn More

Mentor Resource Coordinator

Former teachers would be excellent candidates for this position! They can share resources that mentors can use during the mentoring hour and check in on the mentors periodically to encourage and support.

Today more than ever, kids need hope.  You could be the one that provides it.  Training will be provided.  All volunteers will undergo a background screening before being accepted into the program.

* Immediate Need at this time


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The purpose of First Baptist Church Arlington’s First Impressions Ministry is to create an atmosphere of love, a sense of expectation and a level of comfort for everyone who enters the doors of our church. We do this through offering a friendly welcome, by providing knowledgeable information and supplying practical assistance for those who need it. It is our privilege to be ambassadors for Christ and ensure that everyone who joins us for Sunday worship is authentically welcomed into God’s house. 

Parking Ministry Team

Sunday Mornings @  9:30 or 11:00

  • Greeters stand at any and all places in the various FBCA parking lots and parking garage.
  • They are the first to meet and greet someone as they get out of their car.
  • They may be in a lot or standing on one of the street corners giving directions.
Worship Center Hosts

Sunday Mornings @  9:30 & 11:00

  • Hosts are people who mingle within the worship center welcoming people to worship, meeting new people and just generally giving a “hey – we’re glad you’re here” to people.
  •  They are “on duty” both before and after each service.
Door Greeters

Sunday Mornings @  9:30 or 11:00

  • These are people at every entrance to our building.
  • Ideally these will be “manned” during the entire 9:30 – 12:30p time.
Offering Team

Sunday Mornings @ 9:30 or 11:00 to serve at least once a month at the Awaken, Heritiage or Connection worship services.

* Immediate Need at this time


If you find an opportunity that interests you, please click on NEXT Step to submit a short form.

Each week there are hundreds of guests on our church campus. We want to extend a warm greeting and a word of welcome to each one of them in a timely manner. In order for that to take place, each guest slip has to be processed. You can help make that happen by giving whatever time you have to help us sort guest forms, enter them into the computer and contact them. A willing, teachable, happy spirit along with an aptitude to learn a computer program are the specific requirements. Training will be provided.

Data Entry Team
  • Help on Monday morning inputting guests from Sunday into the computer.
Outreach Follow Up Team
  • Help on Tuesdays contacting guests from Sunday

* Immediate Need at this time


If you find an opportunity that interests you, please click on NEXT Step to submit a short form.

To “assimilate” implies the incorporation of a person into a community. That is precisely what this ministry’s task is designed to do… help people become fully integrated in our church family. The goal of the assimilation ministry is to support people in the process of connecting from the time they begin to consistently visit until they are members of a small group community.

Mentors for New Believers
  • Come alongside a new believer and help them walk through the New Believers Workbook.
  • Times will be set by you and the new believer.
  • Training will be provided.
Encourager for New Members
  • This new ministry position is for individuals willing to come alongside new church members and help them navigate their new church.
  • It will include phone calls and personal introductions to others.

* Immediate Need at this time