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Thanks for dropping by!  It’s true that no one wants to talk about money, but it’s also true that it takes money to run the many ministries at First Baptist. .

There are four different ways you can give!


If this is your first time to make an electronic contribution and you would like to manage your on-going contributions, you will need to follow this link and choose the option to create your online profile. Then follow the instructions as defined on this site.  It’s quick and easy!


If you would prefer that the Business Office manage your online giving through electronic bank draft, you can open this PDF form that you can complete and submit to our Business Office.  Fill out the form and we’ll get you going in no time at all!


If you prefer to use your own online banking system, you can add us as a payee and send it through your bank.  You’ll probably need our mailing address to do so:

First Baptist Church Arlington
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Phone: 817-277-6353


If you’re someone who prefers using the actual mail, you can send in your contributions that way, too!  Use the mailing address above and we’ll get it shortly!

However you choose to give to First Baptist, know we are working hard to be good stewards of the money you send our way.  We are working hard to use it for God’s glory in the most efficient manner.


Theological Education FundDBU Scholarship

Theological Education Fund Scholarship Guidelines – Download the Application

First Baptist Church, Arlington is offering scholarship assistance to qualifying applicants. In order to be considered, a student must:

  • demonstrate a lifestyle of commitment as a follower of Jesus Christ.
  • have been an active member of First Baptist Church, Arlington for at least one (1) year and have a letter of recommendation from a member of the FBCA church staff.
  • be enrolled in a graduate-level program of theological education at an accredited institution, taking a minimum of six (6) semester hours.
  • provide the Cooperative Partnerships Committee with a written statement of Christian testimony and sense of calling to ministry.

Scholarship support of $700 per semester (Fall and Spring) is available for up to six (6) semesters, not to exceed $1,400 per academic year or $4,200 per student.

After the first semester of support, in order to be considered for this scholarship each successive semester, the student must provide the Cooperative Partnerships Committee with an official transcript indicating that a minimum 3.0 (out of 4.0) GPA is being maintained and progress is being made toward an eligible degree. Recipients who reapply for subsequent semesters will be considered along with other applicants for that semester.

Applications must be submitted to the FBCA Educational Ministries office on the 5th floor of the Wade Building by August 1st for the Fall semester and December 1st for the Spring semester.

Scholarships are subject to the availability of funds in the FBCA Theological Education Fund account.

If living outside the Arlington area, the student must provide the Cooperative Partnerships Committee with evidence of his/her active involvement in another Christian church.

If living in the Arlington area, the student is expected to be actively involved at FBCA, unless serving in a recognized leadership capacity at another church.

Scholarship funds given to FBCA for this program may not be designated for a particular student. FBCA must comply with federal law, especially Internal Revenue Service regulations, related to this area. Contributions to this program for which a tax benefit are sought should not be intended to assist a specific student, but rather to support any qualifying student as determined by the Cooperative Partnerships Committee.

Educational Ministries
First Baptist Church
301 S. Center St., Suite 500
Arlington, TX 76010

Approved by Denominational Relations Committee on October 2011

Download the Application for DBU Matching Gift

Dallas Baptist University will match designated Christian church gifts for DBU students up to, but
not exceeding, $3,000.00 per academic year, per student scholarship, beginning August 1, 2010.
The following is a list of scholarship provisions and requirements for the DBU church matching gift
program which must be completely reviewed by each participating church:

  1. The scholarship program applies for both graduate and undergraduate students, full-time or part-time.
  2. The scholarship program only matches funds from Christian churches that hold Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior.
  3. Gifts from denominations (e.g. Baptist General Convention of Texas, United Methodist Conference, etc.) or other para-church organizations (e.g. Campus Crusade for Christ, BSM, Focus on the Family, etc.) are not included in this matching gift program. This is a matching gift scholarship program for individual churches only.
  4. Scholarships under this policy are applicable for fall, spring, summer, and winter terms. Scholarships may only be used for current student accounts (within the last 12 months) and not for past bills on student accounts.
  5. Before a scholarship gift is made to DBU, the church must determine that this scholarship program is within its benevolent and charitable purposes. Then, the treasurer or pastor may recommend a specific student for the scholarship, although the ultimate discretion regarding which student from the church will be awarded the scholarship funds resides with DBU.
  6. The recommended student must have been an active member in his or her home church or must currently be an active member in a local church which is funding the scholarship.
  7. Checks should be made payable to Dallas Baptist University. Notation should be made on the church check identifying the student who is recommended to receive the scholarship by name and social security number. Checks should be sent to the DBU Office of Financial Aid.
  8. Scholarship funds given to DBU by the church regarding a recommended student cannot originate with the student or the student’s family member(s), such as parents and grandparents nor can the funds be a “pass through” gift specifically benefiting a designated student. The church must explain to individuals who contribute to the scholarship fund that federal law, particularly the Internal Revenue Code and relevant IRS regulations, restricts the ability of family members to financially support relatives who are students through scholarships for the purpose of obtaining or creating a tax benefit. Contributions to the scholarship funds for which a tax benefit will be sought should not be motivated by a desire to assist a specific student, but rather a general desire to assist students from the church who are pursuing their education at DBU.  Any questions regarding this issue should be independently directed to a competent attorney, CPA, or tax consultant.

Please note that no provisions of this policy constitute or may be relied upon as legal advice to a church or individual.

Revised March 10, 2010 Church Matching Gift Program