And in the church God has appointed . . .
those having gifts of administration.
I Corinthians 12:28

The Administration Ministry’s purpose is to develop a team of servant leaders who are committed to managing the business affairs of the church with accuracy and integrity and to oversee the resources of our facilities as good stewards committed to provide the best for the many ministries of FBCA in order that we might “Glorify God by Following the Jesus Way!”

The word “administration” comes from the root word “minister,” which means “to serve.” To “administer” means to “add to ministry.” The Administration Ministry Team counts it a privilege to serve others through this ministry as they are able to be involved in every ministry that occurs in the life of our church. As a rule, every ministry event involves, in some way, the need for facilities, finances, food and information technology resources. Your Administration Ministry Team is pleased to serve you. As you look at the leadership opportunities in our ministry, we hope you will find a place where you can serve with us.