By Your Side (local)


Making a local difference on a global scale by seeking to create community between families and international students.

Core Values:
Learner – Relational – Discipleship – Commitment – Prayer


“By Your Side”  a  ministry to create community between families and international students continues!!  Did you know there are over 3,100 International Students at UTA?  Did you know that of those 3,100 students over 90 countries are represented?  Ironically, these statistics suggest that perhaps the greatest opportunity for global ministry could come by literally walking across the street. Contact us to join this Host Family program to help connect our church body with the International Students in Arlington.

This will be an effort based on PRAYER, RELATIONSHIP, DISCIPLESHIP, COMMITMENT, and LEARNING.  So, if you are willing to team up with another family or two in our church to begin connecting with International Students by opening your home a couple times throughout the month to provide a warm meal, let them do laundry and begin to build a relationship, then we’d like to know about it.

Please complete the following form so we can contact  you about this unique ministry opportunity.

By Your Side Information

Contact us if you're interested in being a Host Family. We'll be in touch soon.