Church Staff

We think we’ve got some pretty incredible men and women working at our church.  Check them out here and find out who is who…and then say hello next time you’re at First!

Pastoral Staff

Dr. Dennis Wiles

Senior Pastor
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Dr. James Sciratt

Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care



Erica Taylor
Pastoral Ministry Assistant



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Ricky Chelette
Executive Director of Living Hope
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Executive Pastor Staff

Dr. Barry Rock
Executive  Pastor


Sarah Pursley

Ministry Assistant to the Executive Pastor

Worship Staff

Allen Lowe
Associate Pastor of Music and Worship

Emily Klophaus

Associate Minister of Music and Worship



Lane Rhodes
Preschool & Children Music Assistant



Beth Goetz
TMS Assistant



Kimberly Leman
Worship Ministry Administrative Assistant



Bob Bullock
Worship Ministry Assistant



Kathryn O’Neal
Worship Assistant



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Administration Staff

Dr. Terry Bertrand
Associate Pastor of Administration



Carol Johnson
Administration Ministry Assistant



Leonard Harris
Director of Accounting Services

Andrew Tucker
Ministry Assistant

Khrystal Williams
Ministry Assistant

Bob Bullock
Membership Records Coordinator



Dolly Lewis
Event Coordinator



Mary Hardy



Dan Taylor
Director of Operations

Randy Bortmas



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Preschool Ministry Staff

Nanette Johnson
Preschool Minister


Courtney McDaniel

Preschool Ministry Associate



Becky Dossey
Preschool Ministry Assistant



Robin Darwin
Preschool Ministry Coordinator



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Children's Ministry Staff

David Butts
Minister to Children



Susanna Tate
Children’s Ministry Assistant



Karen Gearinger
Children’s Ministry Coordinator



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Youth Ministry Staff

Kurt Krodle
Youth Minister



Youth Associate
Currently Searching for a New Youth Associate 



Caleb Wade
Associate Youth Minister



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College Ministry Staff

Katy Reed
Director of College Ministry



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Young Adult Ministry Staff

Reggie Jacob
Director of Young Adult Ministry



Krista Hanks
Young Adult Ministry Assistant

Adult Ministry Staff

Curt Grice
Associate Pastor of Education



Lori Allen
Adult Ministry Assistant



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Tiffany Hamilton
Library Coordinator
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Boomers & 2nd Half Staff

Larry Link
Minister to Boomers & 2nd HALF



Karen West
Boomers & 2nd HALF Ministry Assistant



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Activities Staff

Brian Sepulveda
Minister of Activities



Marla Johnson
Activities Ministry Assistant



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Community Connections Staff

Kim Grice
Director of Community Connections



Cheska Chandler
Ministry Assitamnt

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Merrick Steele
Kids Hope Coordinator

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Global Ministries Staff

Jerimiah Smith
Director of Global Ministries



Linda Templin
Global Ministries Assistant



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Counseling Center Staff

Dr. Mike Stedham

LPC, LMFT | Executive Director | Family, Adult & Clergy Therapy
Approved Clinical Supervisor


Debra York
Counseling Center Office Manager



Carla Walker
Ministry Assistant



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Mission Arlington Staff

Tillie Burgin
Associate Pastor for Missions



Lauren Musgrave
Director of New Works



Debbie Musgrave
Business Manager

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Communications Staff

David McDurham

Minister to Communications



Joey Lomas
Live Media