The Pastor’s Office

It seems like yesterday when Dennis and Cindy Wiles were invited to join in ministry with the First Baptist Church of Arlington Family! All of us would agree that “join in ministry” is a great description of what they did when they began in ministry on August 6, 2001!

Not only have they joined with us but they have challenged us to expand our scope of ministry. Through this amazing partnership God had led us to some amazing results. The following list provides a summary of what God has accomplished during this ten year tenure:
• Worship attendance at the First Baptist Church of Arlington has grown by over 60% during his ten years of ministry
• The number of significant ministries at First Baptist Church of Arlington has grown in quantity to well over one hundred and fifty
• The church redeveloped its Master Plan which involved significant land-use agreements with the City of Arlington and the University of Texas at Arlington
• FBCA has developed a “world-view” outreach which has culminated in the development of the Global Connection Partnership Network which assists FBCA and other churches in sending cross-cultural workers to countries around the world
• Dr. Wiles’ influence has provided valuable leadership in Arlington and other parts of the metroplex and state which has enhanced the ministry efforts of FBCA