First Baptist Church of Arlington is . . .

. . . Biblically-based. We have accepted the authority of the Bible and seek to live by its counsel. We believe God has revealed Himself in His Word.

. . . relational. Our people love each other! Relationships are a key component to the health of our church. We strongly believe in living in community with each other.

. . . inter-generational. Our church is filled with people of all ages. We love it! We worship together, study the Bible together and engage in ministry together.

. . . gracious. Grace flows freely at our church. We have found a way to balance our theology of sin and our love for sinners. We know people are flawed – but we also know God’s grace is greater than our sin!

. . . diverse. People from all walks of life call our church “home.” It truly is a place where people from across the socio-economic, educational, life-situation and ethnic spectrum are welcomed and loved. Our diversity leads to some fun conversations!

. . . healthy. We promote health at our church. We believe Jesus offers us a way of life! So – we enjoy living! Our church is a place to learn to live life to the fullest.

. . . missional. We care about our community and our world. If you hang out with us – watch out! – you will find yourself involved in ministries from Arlington to the Americas to Africa!

. . . not afraid to take risks. We believe God has called us to live – by faith! So, we are a church that launches out when we sense God leading us. New ministries in new areas by new means don’t scare us.

. . . active in ministry. There is an atmosphere of expectancy in our church. We expect our people to be engaged in meaningful ministries. Everybody is expected to use their gifts in ministry through our church to make a difference in our world.

. . . Glorifying GOD by Following The Jesus Way. We believe God has created us for His glory. Sin has caused us to fall short of His glory. But Jesus is the exact representation of God’s nature and the radiance of His glory. His way is the way to be rescued. His way is the way for God’s glory to be restored in us!